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For half a century, Argonaut Constructors has built a sterling reputation as one of Northern California's leading general engineering contractors. Throughout the North Bay, major commercial, industrial, and residential developers as well as City, County, State, and Federal agencies count on Argonaut to handle their most critical infrastructure projects.

Since 1957, Argonaut has performed with distinction on a broad variety of construction projects, ranging from grading and paving to underground pipelines to project management and coordination. We continue to earn the respect of their customers through careful attention to every detail. Our consistent, diligent effort ensures that every project gets done on time, and done right the first time.

We're proud of the fact that in 50 years, we have completed every job we've contracted. This unblemished track record is a testament to our team of over 200 skilled, hard-working professionals, and our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations.

So why the name Argonaut Constructors? In ancient Greek mythology, the Argonauts were the hardy sailors of the ship Argo, which sailed the seas searching for the Golden Fleece. Jason, the Argo's captain, received all the praise, but it was the Argonauts who invested all of the "sweat equity" on Jason's famous voyage. That's what Argonaut Constructors does for you. We tackle the hard work and tough assignments so you can reap the benefit of a well-managed project, completed on time and as instructed.

Let Argonaut Constructors deliver our legendary customer service and detail-oriented, top-quality workmanship on your next infrastructure project. Call us today for a bid.

Argonaut Constructors is an Equal Opportunity Employer